About Woodfield Brokerage

Katherine Woodfield Hermes, broker
Pine Manor College, BA 1988
Penn State University, MBA 1991
Insurance Licenses:
Health, Life, Property Casualty and Liability

Background: Ms. Hermes spent 15 years working in the medical industry as a pharmaceutical sales professional, a district manager, sales trainer, oncology specialist, as well as working for 3 years in medical advertising. She understands how the doctors are paid, how drugs are developed, marketed and sold and how the medical industry is compensated for their services. Ms. Hermes adds exceptional value by applying all of this knowledge to her Health Insurance clientele. In addition, she works with a team of experienced financial consultants to provide access to products, resources and benefits to which another individual might not have access.

Business Objectives:

1. Save Clients Money: On average, Ms. Hermes can reduce your health insurance premiums anywhere from 20 – 40% while improving the quality of your health insurance coverage and your employee benefits package.
2. Maximize on Tax Benefits: Many employers use the employees after tax dollars to fund their portion of health insurance premiums. The same employers and employees use after tax dollars to pay medical expenses like co-pays, deductibles, dental and vision expenses, and miscellaneous charges for tax deductible products at the pharmacy (i.e., band aids, cough medicine, OTC medicine, etc.). By using pre-tax or tax free dollars, it is like saving 20 – 40% on all of these expenses! Ms. Hermes provides not only the advice but also the tools to access all of these benefits – and you are spending less money while doing this!
3. Improve Employer and Employee Protection against Unexpected Medical Costs: Buying insurance is not sexy and not very fun. But, when you need it, you will be glad you took the time to protect yourself. Health Insurance only protects a portion of your risk in a time of illness. If a child is hurt or ill, one parent or another is always by their side. In this time of two family incomes and low savings, that can mean a hit to the family income. If an adult is hurt or ill, then the other adult is caring for that person and no one may be earning an income. Wile your health insurance helps with the medical bills, your every day bills keep on coming – rent, mortgage, gas for the car, car payments, electricity, groceries to name a few. So, when someone gets hurt or sick, your expenses go up while your income goes down!

Ms. Hermes not only makes sure you are positioned to cover medical bills with pre-tax dollars, she also puts you on the offensive with protection against incoming bills so that you do not end up with your child’s face or your family portrait on tin cans in retail stores asking the general public for help with keeping your household afloat!

All of this can be done with a more strategic spend of the same dollars you are using right now to pay your Health Insurance premiums! When you are done with a strategic review of your insurance, you will:

  1. Have excellent Health Insurance coverage
  2. Have money in a tax free savings account
  3. Have additional benefits and protection at no incremental, possibly less out of pocket cost – often 20% less than you were spending before on your health insurance!!