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The Bra Fit Expert is here to help!

“My straps keep falling down!”

“Shopping for bras is so overwhelming -- so many choices, I just don't know where to begin”

“I know I need more support but the wires poke me”

“I can't wait to rip my bra off the second I walk in the door”

“I can't find the right bra for my new fabulous dress”

“Strapless bras never stay up on me”

“I had a breast reduction and now I have no idea what size I am or what support I need”

“I can’t find pretty bras in my size”

If any of these problems sound familiar, help is here!
Christina has fit thousands of women for bras and knows the amazing difference it makes to have a wardrobe of lingerie and foundation garments that fit properly! A proper fitting bra can even make you look 10 lbs thinner instantly.

Through personal consultations and shopping, Christina will guide you through the maze of department store displays and make buying bras an easy and fun experience.

Examples of solutions to most common bra complaints:

“My straps are always slipping off my shoulders”
Usually means the bra is too big in the band size. A bra is all about creating balance and proper weight distribution. If the band is too big the weight of the breast will pull the bra forward in the front, thus causing the band in the back to rise, thus causing the straps to fall. Here is the most difficult thing to convince us women of, is that in order to get the proper lift from a bra the band must be snug around the back. Most women will choose a bigger band size to avoid what is commonly know as “back fat”, well ladies unless you are a professional rower or an anorexic model this is something that may occur from time to time. Just ask yourself is the reason you are buying a bra to make your back look good, or make your boobs not look saggy?

“The wires poke me”
If your wires are hurting you, you need a bigger cup size. The wires should sit behind your breast tissue on the sides and lay flat on your chest in between your breasts. The band may need to be smaller as well, if there is too much give in the band the bra will slide forward and the wires won't stay in place. A consultation could change you from a 36C to a 34D without any plastic surgery and will end the poking wires.

“I can’t find pretty bras in my size”
Yes you can, I will help you! I have been a 34dd/36d my entire adult life and believe me there are plenty of pretty bras that fit out there. Yes, they may cost a bit more, but we spend hundreds of dollars on shoes, and a bra is just as important!

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How Christina was able to help...

BEFORE        AFTER    

“This client has one breast larger than the other, so her bras never fit right. First problem wrong bra and bad fit, just because demi lace bras look pretty doesn't mean we can wear them. The "after" bra is a bra with fuller coverage which fits her larger breast, and contour that helps camoflouge the difference in her size.”

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