Lingerie is one of the most important investments in a woman’s wardrobe, with the overwhelming choice it is hard to know where to start. When it comes to bras, quality really is important. It is on your body 12-14 hours a day, it is worth it! Here are some basics for a good bra wardrobe -- and The Bra Fit Expert picks are 25%-40% off!

  1. EVERYDAY BRA: find one you love and try to build up to at least 3 to rotate. This can be a molded, seamless bra such as the LeMystere Tisha bra, or a basic such as the Wacoal seamless stretch lace bra.
    Christina recommends: Le Mystere Tisha Seamless T-Shirt Bra
  1. For smaller to average ( A – small C) a push up bra such as Wacoal push up I bra or LeMystere Sculptural Push-Up bra which will enhance the look of  an everyday sweater, and create cleavage for lower cut tops.
    Christina recommends: Le Mystere Gigi
  1. For fuller cups ( D+) a minimizer can save the day, those button up shirts that pull across the bust will fit with a proper fitting minimizer bra such as the Wacoal 85154 which is also seamless.
    Christina recommends: Wacoal Minimizer
  1. SPORTS BRA: Champion has a full line of Sports bras in wire and non-underwire styles depending on the amount of support needed.
    Christina recommends: Champion Underwire Sports Bra
    & Champion Sports Bra (no wire)
  1. Sexy matching set! No matter your size, relationship status or otherwise every woman needs at least one sexy lacy matching set, this is what sets us apart from the guys!
    Christina recommends: Le Mystere Sexy Set
  1. A strapless/ convertible bra, that can be used for halter, strapless tops, and razor back bras. The bras mentioned in the everday category are also made in strapless versions both of which I would suggest.
    Christina recommends: Le Mystere Strapless

So, now once a bra wardrobe has been built, start incorporating other items such as camisoles and shapewear -- especially for holiday party dresses and tighter fitting  summer dresses.


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