wholesome spelt desserts
100% whole grain • all natural
pareve • pas yisroel

Introducing Lévana's New Line of Wholesome Spelt Desserts...

Levana Kirschenbaum, a true renaissance woman, has devoted her long career to exhorting the crowds to eat delicious, streamlined and super healthy foods. Many of you surely remember that her renowned restaurant, Levana, started by being an award-winning bakery, some thirty years ago. Levana's wonderful new line of spelt-based natural desserts are the culmination of her passionate, fearless and persistent experimenting. Who knew healthy could taste so exciting? A real tour de force, which only Levana could have pulled off: over two dozen fabulous wholesome desserts, and still expanding!

Enjoy spelt, the better wheat:
Less gluten, more protein!

Look for more of Lévana’s delicious desserts
coming out soon!