Why Spelt?

Lévana has spent many years developing her line of scrumptious and natural spelt desserts. She took a special interest in spelt because increasing numbers of people were reporting great discomfort when eating regular wheat products, whereas spelt products left them satisfied and energized.

An ancient form of wheat, spelt offers high protein content (10 to 25% more than common wheat varieties), low gluten content, lots of fiber, and large amounts of B complex vitamins. Spelt’s sturdy hull protects it from pesticides and insects while growing, and keeps nutrients intact through harvesting and shipping. Its gluten content is just high enough to allow baked goods to rise, making it ideal for the growing population of individuals whose digestive systems can’t tolerate the higher gluten content in common wheat.

Whether in cookies, breads, or cakes, spelt never fails to get an enthusiastic response, both for its delicious nutty flavor and pleasing texture, and for its easy digestibility and high nutrient content. As importantly, Lévana uses nothing but natural ingredients in her desserts, making her treats the perfect temptation to succumb to. Just put a bunch of kids (and the kids in all of us!) in front of a mountain of her spelt chocolate chip cookies, and watch the mountain vanish!

Enjoy spelt, the better wheat:
Less gluten, more protein!

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